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Humans carry Neanderthal DNA

For those of us living outside of Africa, Neanderthals could be in our family history. Granted we are talking about thousands of years ago, but a recent discovery proves that we have Neanderthal elements in our DNA. For years scientists have known that Neanderthals and modern humans co-existed as two different species of human - and have since been searching for evidence that the two mated. This new study suggests that interbreeding did in fact take place thousands of years ago...

Family Tree Research for Christmas Gifts

If you're looking for a unique Christmas present for loved ones, it's not too late to hire me to carry out some family tree research. As you know, I’m a Cheshire genealogist who can unlock the secrets of your ancestors on your behalf, that’s whether you’re based in Cheshire, elsewhere in the UK or if you live in the USA or Australia where it’s difficult to access relevant records – I can happily research your family descendants for you...

A black sheep in your family history?

Researching family history can be a fascinating experience. Your ancestor’s life story could make you very proud – they could have been a well respected person in their community or they may well have even been the inventor of something…

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