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A black sheep in your family history?

Researching family history can be a fascinating experience.

Your ancestor’s life story could make you very proud – they could have been a well respected person in their community or they may well have even been the inventor of something we use today!

What would you do, however, if you found out that one of your ancestors spent time in a prison for something they had done?

This is exactly what people are discovering at a new display that has been set up at the Norwich Castle museum.

The museum was known before as Norfolk’s county prison from medieval times until 1887.

The display is great for people looking into their family’s history as it shows the stories of the people who were once there.

Was your ancestor a prison guard, a petty thief transported to Australia or even a murderer who would have been hanged on site?

This kind of discovery when looking at your family history may not always be a welcome one, but interesting nonetheless, and could also help your Australian fiends or relatives discover their family history.

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