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Rosalind Johnson & Hilary Williams

“When my sister and I decided that we needed professional help with our family tree, our first port of call was a web search. We did contact other sources but were impressed immediately by David’s approach.

“As our input to his research progressed, he proved to be highly professional, personable and patient. David was extremely prompt in dealing with our queries and was exhaustive in his research which was, at times, frustrating given Covid-19 closures.

“David’s sense of humour was much appreciated as well as his apparent interest in the research he carried out for us. He was generous with his time and with his patience in conducting the research. We were kept us very well informed of progress throughout.

“Last-minute changes were willingly included in drafts of the book and the chart, which are treasures.

“The composition of the book allowed my sister and me to add personal recollections which were thoughtfully incorporated into the narrative hence giving a personal touch to necessary factual detail.  The book is beautifully presented with a thoughtful arrangement of photographs, certificates, census information and recollections to add to clear, factual detail. The highlighting of key family members facilitates understanding. It is a real delight to have and to share with family. For my sister and me to receive this book is one of the few benefits of lockdown.

“We have no hesitation in highly recommending the diligence and efficiency of David Millward in preparing documents to be savoured by our family today and in the future.

“We feel that David has handled the project meticulously and has researched beyond our original hopes. David’s fees are very reasonable. We feel that we have had excellent value.”

Andrew Derbyshire, Manchester

“I searched the Internet for a genealogist to research my family tree. I chose to use Family Tree Genie, as there was lots of good feedback from previous clients.

“I was kept well informed regarding the progress that David was making through frequent and informative emails and phone chats.

“The completed research was well presented in a professionally printed paperback book in colour. It came with a family tree chart which is very clear and will be framed. I ordered three copies of each so they would be presents for my two brothers.

“I thought the cost was reasonable considering the amount of research completed as well as the quality of the finished report.

“I would not hesitate to contact David again if I needed more research about further branches of the family. I have already recommended David to several people, including my sister-in-law.

“A most enjoyable lunch was the backdrop to the handover at a mutually convenient venue.”

Ted Mitchell, Lower Withington, Cheshire

“David has done a fantastic job, and we’re delighted with our family tree. He managed to uncover so much about our ancestors.

“We didn’t expect him to go back in time as far as he did. We are thrilled with the result, and this will make a wonderful present for our grandchildren when we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary next year. Thank you so much, David.”

Andrew Parr, St Helens

“I had wanted to trace my family tree for some time and found Family Tree Genie with a Google search. I looked at others, but David stood out. I liked the fact that he is retired and had decided to make genealogy a job as well as a hobby – this suggested to me that he enjoyed undertaking a challenge and was ultimately the reason why I chose him.

“I found him professional in the way he communicated and presented everything. David kept me informed of his progress throughout, and I was intrigued and excited as he revealed snippets along the way.

“I enjoyed the handover meeting when David revealed the full story, presented in a folder with accompanying documentation – it completed the whole experience.

“I believe David’s work was well worth the money. I would not have received such a personal service using a large company. I can’t thank David enough.”


Adele Appleton, Cheshire

“I recently used Family Tree Genie to research my family history for my mother’s 80th birthday present. I wanted a local company so we could meet up if necessary and it was also good to find someone who knew the area.

“From my very first enquiry, David phoned me or emailed me regularly with updates as to what he had found. It was so exciting finding out little snippets of information about my ancestors. He even went to some local churchyards and cemeteries looking for headstones – then took photos and sent them to me, which was fascinating.

“The finished product was a complete, beautifully presented binder of my mother’s family history dating back to 17th century and she was thrilled with it.”


Mrs AT, Maldon, Essex

“After my father wanted to know more about his past, I thought I would find someone to do it as time is something I do not have much of.

“I went online and contacted three companies that possibly suited my needs. On emailing them, one sent a booklet, one sent an email with a price list (very expensive!), and Family Tree Genie contacted me, leaving a number to call. On speaking to David, I found him to be friendly and honest, and so chose him. He kept in constant contact with his finds and updated me as to which certificates he needed to get or had received.

“It was so nice to speak to a person who cares. I have already recommended him to a friend and will do so to many more, as the work and communication are exemplary. Fantastic service, David, thank you so much!”


Gary Murphy

“Professional, understanding and knowledgeable, David talked through my options with succinct clarity and outlined a plan of how the project could be carried forward. The research was extensive as I was looking into six family lines. However, David did make enquiries into several other lines to offer me a more comprehensive understanding of the family tree and how some lines reached a conclusion after all avenues into these lines were explored. In each of these cases, David was transparent about why certain lines were more challenging to investigate. This led to the process being quite educational as well as fascinating. The research was robust with great care and attention given to the smallest detail. He revealed interesting facts about my family making some remarkable historical links along the way.

“Whilst David conducted this research, I was conducting my own. Moving forward to more recent generations of family, I collated a range of family stories from living relatives and supplied a variety of images, alongside this anecdotal information, to David. David then painstakingly merged all of this research into one document. His patience, commitment and sensitivity to my project was well beyond my expectation. Over a twelve-month period, he edited, drafted and re-drafted the finished document too many times to recall. Nothing was too much. He treated the research and the final document like it was his own family. He also offered sage advice about how to approach the research and how to remain patient throughout the process to ensure that the final product was the absolute best version of what it is I envisaged.

“Communication was first-class from start to finish. I felt that any small change I requested to the layout and organisation was accepted and acted upon. The process from beginning to end was enjoyable and absorbing. The final printing and postal process was also swift, efficient and reliable.

“The finished book was an accomplished piece of work. A hardbacked historical document that was finished to a high, professional specification and brought alive with images, anecdotes and incisive historical details. I provided a copy to my parents and brothers who were equally thrilled with the quality, professional finish and depth of detail within.

“The service was truly value for money and I would recommend him to anybody interested in commissioning research into their ancestry. David Millward was the right choice for our family and this was demonstrated by not only his skill and passion for genealogy but his patience, advice, sensitivity and understanding of what it was we as a family desired.”

Nick Marsh, Knutsford

“I have been researching my family tree for the last ten years, in fits and starts, focusing on my four grandparents. Over the years, I have amassed a large amount of information but realised last year that I needed professional help to pull it all together, and also hopefully discover more information in that process.

“I felt I needed to find a local researcher so that we could meet, hand over my information and seek advice concerning the best way to present it to family members. Some of my ancestors moved to Australia in the early twentieth century, and I was particularly keen to prepare suitable family trees to give distant cousins, with whom I am in touch, on a recent visit to Australia. My children are also eager to have charts for themselves.

“I found Family Tree Genie as a local service on the Internet and was delighted to meet David. His advice from the start was most helpful, and once he started his research, he was able to find, and prove, my father’s family back yet another generation to the mid 18th century. Over some months David prepared suitable charts which I had printed and took to Australia, and in addition, wrote the story of our family for all my grandparents. Although I had provided much of the research information, I could not have presented it in such a clear and concise manner.

“I still require more charts for various other family members, including my sister for her 70th birthday, and will be in touch with David again later this year for his help and guidance. I have found his service quite excellent, at a very sensible price, and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”


Michael McGuirk, Wigan, Lancashire

“I found David online whilst looking for a unique Christmas gift for my father. I was really impressed with his website, and after initial contact, I was confident David was the right person for the job.

“Despite it being late November, David went out of his way to produce our family tree in time, and he managed to go back as far as 1820. On receiving his gift, my father was over the moon and happy.

“We can’t thank David enough for his hard work to ensure we got this sorted before Christmas. I’d highly recommend Family Tree Genie to others as David’s service was friendly, reliable and professional.

“I also couldn’t believe how easy it was, as I only had to supply birth and marriage certificates and David did all the rest! Thanks so much for helping us make my father’s Christmas extra special!”


Martyn Hamer

“After making several searches on the Internet and several phone calls to various researchers, I was so glad that I chose David to carry out the job! His communication and updates throughout were second-to-none.

“At every point of interest or memorable date David updated me regarding his progress and snippets of information he had managed to glean whilst doing the research, they were the real treasures!

“The finished book and chart are first class! And the PDF file was convenient too, as two of my uncles and my brother – all of whom were very impressed with David’s detailed report and chart – now also have a copy.

“I also found David’s charges to be very reasonable, especially considering the hours he spent trying to trace my dear old great grandfather’s grave ‘Jethro’.

“I can honestly state I would gladly recommend David’s superb services to anyone wanting a professional family history done. It was so lovely to meet David and his wife at the handover, I was pleased that I got the chance to thank him personally for his sterling work and expertise, once again my heartfelt thanks to you David!

“I feel as though I now know so much more about my family and their beginnings, without David’s help I would never have found half of the information he did.”


Karen Sharpes, London

“I have wanted to research my family history for years, but it takes a lot of time, and I am always too busy. But my mother’s 80th birthday coming up in March finally spurred me to do something about it, and it will make an ideal present as she has always longed to have her family tree researched. And it’s a very unique and personal gift too!

“As our family comes from Cheshire, I searched for a Cheshire-based genealogist, hoping that their local knowledge and expertise would be helpful – it certainly was!!

“From the moment David began the research, he kept me up to date on an ongoing basis revealing his discoveries and progress but without bombarding me with multiple emails or phone calls!

“David was very willing to make visits to local cemeteries and other points of interest, taking photographs as and when possible. I hadn’t expected this and appreciated the extra level of interest added to the final report, which was very comprehensive and much more detailed than I thought it would be.

“For years, I have wanted to do this research and David has managed to do in a matter of weeks what would have taken me an absolute age to sort. I consider the research to be excellent value, and I am now getting further research done on my father’s side of the family!

“I found David’s services to be great value for money, and I would recommend Family Tree Genie to anyone who has the urge to find out more about their ancestors and family history!”


Mrs V O-J, Knutsford

“I have been delighted with Family Tree Genie. Throughout the whole process, David has been highly efficient, reliable and made regular contact to keep me updated on progress. He has responded very promptly to any queries.

“I have had and provided excellent value for money. He has been able to answer and satisfy many questions about my family we had been curious about for years.

“His expertise enabled me to gain information about my four times Great Granddad born in 1810. We kept the research a secret from my mum, and it will make a fantastic Christmas gift for her. I have found the experience very exciting and compelling and would recommend Family Tree Genie to anyone wishing to research their ancestors. I want someday to research another family line, and I would definitely use Family Tree Genie again.”


Chris Sutton, Macclesfield

“After researching several companies online, I chose David at Family Tree Genie because he was amiable and responsive to my enquiry. He was also reasonably priced and easy to work with.

“He took a sincere interest in my family tree and went above and beyond expectations, providing much more information than anticipated and going back to 1640. If anyone is considering researching their family tree, they should hire David.”

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