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How it works

Simply choose one of the following options and we’ll initially carry out some free, no-obligation research to see whether it’s possible to create your family tree.

Male Line

Choose the Male Line if you want to trace the paternal line only but with each wife identified.

Male & Female Line

Choose the Male & Female Line option if you want to trace BOTH paternal and maternal lines.

Family Line

Choose the Family Line to trace as many of the family as possible. This is our most popular option.

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Guaranteed quality service

I care very much about my work and will go above and beyond your expectations to create something that you will undoubtedly appreciate for the rest of your life.

How we work

At Family Tree Genie, my services are simple. Just choose one of the above options you’d like me to follow.

Whichever service you choose, I will initially carry out some free, no obligation research to see whether it is actually possible to create your family tree. Once confirmed, I will provide you with a free quote for my services before proceeding further.

What happens next

If you’re happy to proceed, I will trace your ancestry back as far as possible, usually to the early 1800s but often further, depending on the availability of local Parish Register records.

So, if you’re aged around 30, I would typically expect to uncover up to five or six generations of ancestors, born from 1800 onwards.

What you'll get

Once I discover your past, I will present you with your very own family story to keep and treasure forever.

Your own presentation pack

Once my research is complete, I am happy to meet you face-to-face and present you with your very own family tree in PDF format and, optionally, a printed version in a colour A4 printed paperback or, as here, as a hardback book.

This optional presentation pack includes all the relevant information and documents I’ve uncovered during my research and a disc containing all the data electronically, including all images or PDFs plus the family tree in Family Tree Maker 2019 format. Please note, this software can be purchased separately for around £80. Alternatively, I can recommend a free piece of software which will accept a GEDCOM file.

Family Tree Pack

A personal consultation

During our final meeting, I will also happily talk through the research and explain your very own family history. I’ll also gladly answer any questions you might have.

A full family tree print is optional – priced on an individual basis, depending on size of tree and paper/canvas option.

So you see, I offer a very personal and bespoke service and you get a lot of value from hiring me to research your family tree on your behalf.

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