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Genealogy in the future

Whilst checking the latest news form across the web about genealogy this morning, I found a very interesting article.

A new company called Inflection have made plans to build what has been described as ‘a phonebook for the 21st century’.

Inflection currently run an American family history site – They store public records such as birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates.

The plans for the new site would include compiling information about individuals from across the internet. Any contact information that you have shared online would be stored in their records, like e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers and social media networking profiles, like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Whilst this would be an invaluable tool for the coming centuries for genealogists, it seems like it would be all too easy to trace back a family’s roots.

Genealogy to me is a very rewarding process. Researching a family tree is like an adventure – visiting graveyards, libraries and other various public resources around the country.

Unfolding stories of the past that could take weeks or months of adventuring could be done, in the future, with a click of a button.

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