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Kurt Cobain’s Irish roots discovered

Researching family trees can be a very rewarding process. Finding out about past relatives and their life stories can be a great experience, especially if you discover your roots are linked to a famous person. According to an article in the Belfast Telegraph, Fionnola O`Reilly from Co Tyrone in Ireland made such a discovery after an American relative hinted that there may be a family connection to the lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. Discovers It’s a ‘Family Affair’ Between Ellen DeGeneres and Madonna

Interesting reading today after genealogy researchers discovered that Madonna and the newest judge on American Idol, Ellen DeGeneres, are 11th cousins. The family tree experts has found that the two entertainers are related through a common 10th great-grandfather – a Frenchman named Martin Aucoin. Apparently, in the early 1600s, Aucoin's daughters Jeanne and Michele left their native country of France to settle in Nova Scotia...

Top tips for family tree research

Researching your family tree is something we'd all love to tackle but many of us often don't know where to start. It might be that you simply don't have time to start investigating your ancestors. It's certainly not an easy task. Therefore, here are our top tips to get you started and help you research your own family line...
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