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FindMyPast searches made easier?

At last, after much trumpeting and forewarning, I have access to the new Find My Past search tools.

And, I have to say, I was not very impressed – too clunky, especially as every search then had to be filtered down.

I searched for me under ‘David Millward born 1953 +/- 2 years’ and got 455 results listed in no particular order.

The presentation on screen of search results is unwieldy and not very user-friendly, in my humble opinion – I have to troll through dozens if not hundreds of records spanning umpteen pages and if I do not know the name of a particular data set, there is no alternative.

The one improvement that FMP has always needed is a better search query box where more facts where First name, Surname and Year of birth can be entered – that has not happened – and they have dumped the previous, much easier search results page which gave an indication of where possible matches could be found, in which collection.

I understand that FMP are already making changes to the search process – it can not come quickly enough for me.

My favourite site ruined!

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