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Am I quoting for a Mini or a Rolls Royce?

It’s an odd question you may think but I am frequently asked for a ‘ballpark’ figure for the cost of researching a family tree.

I never do quote a ‘ballpark’ figure because someone is going to be disappointed, either me or the client.

I liken it to me phoning a car dealer and asking “how much is a car there?”

They tell me the Rolls Royce costs £150,000 but I am looking for a £12,000 Mini and I hang up. Had I called and asked for a Mini and they wanted to sell me the Roller, I would still be hanging up.

In order to avoid disappointment both parties need to understand what is involved – that’s why I always ask for information and then do a couple of hours no-obligation, free research to establish just what I could achieve.

Then I can quote a maximum fixed price without any hidden extras.

And everyone is happy ….

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