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Preserving Gainsborough’s heritage

A community group in Gainsborough has painstakingly put together a number of databases and artefacts relating to the town’s heritage. The team of volunteers want to make tracing your family tree as easy as possible.

Thanks to the Gainsborough Heritage Association you can now look up your ancestors or view old photos of the town at the new Heritage Centre on North Street, which is staffed by volunteers and currently open on Saturday mornings only.

The Association is hoping to open for longer in 2012 and they’re also keen to collect more artefacts from across the region. They also want to extend their database of births, marriages and deaths, all sourced from local newspapers.

What a fantastic opportunity for the people of Gainsborough. If you’re keen to research your family line or you want to help the Association, you can find out more by visiting their website at or by calling 01427 612030.

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