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BBC Radio 4 show: Tracing Your Roots

Tomorrow I will be listening to a show on BBC Radio 4 called Tracing Your Roots.

It’s the start of the fifth series that follows the practice of genealogy in the UK.

Taken from the BBC Radio 4 website:

“In the first of a new series, Sally Magnusson goes on the trail of ancestors who vanished without trace, abandoning their families either by choice or by force of circumstance.

“The mother who handed her three-day-old baby to the Foundling Hospital in London in 1758 left no clues to her own identity. Helen Warren, the baby’s direct descendant, asks Tracing Your Roots to find out more about the woman who took the mother’s place, the wet nurse who ensured the baby’s survival, yet whose own story has, up until now, remained untold.

“Rob Lee’s grandfather left the family ‘to go to Australia’ but only recently has Rob wondered if a move to ‘Australia’ was just a metaphor. Was Rob’s grandfather really thousands of miles away, or had he simply cut off all contact with his children? Tracing Your Roots discovers the truth behind the family legend.

“And Debbie Martindale wrote to ask what became of her great uncle, a brother separated from the rest of his family as a child and never reunited. Did he go on to have children of his own, and can Tracing Your Roots reunite the family? Sally Magnusson and Nick Barratt fill some of the gaps on Debbie’s family tree.”

The show is being broadcast at 4:00pm tomorrow afternoon, on Tuesday 14th September. Be sure to have a listen if you are interested in all things family tree!

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