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Neanderthals are our closest evolutionary relatives

A study that took place in Germany over several years has shown that Neanderthals are our closest evolutionary relatives and not chimps as previously thought. This discovery came whilst attempting to map the complete caveman genetic code. The team of 56 researchers from the Max Planck school ground fossils before comparing the scientific make-up to that of the chimpanzee.

Study Shows Darwin’s Ancestors were Unhealthily Close

For such an important scientist you would have thought that Charles Darwin would have known better when it came to picking a mother for his children but his choice of partner may be the reason why three of his 10 children died so young: Darwin's wife was also his cousin...

Director Spike Lee discovers interesting family history

Award winning director Spike Lee got the shock of his life when he was introduced to his long lost cousin, an elderly white woman from Atlanta, Georgia. Lee took part in the TV series "Who do you think you are? U.S" expecting to find out more information about the lives of slavery that his ancestors experienced but what he actually found was that he is descended from slave owners...

Kurt Cobain’s Irish roots discovered

Researching family trees can be a very rewarding process. Finding out about past relatives and their life stories can be a great experience, especially if you discover your roots are linked to a famous person. According to an article in the Belfast Telegraph, Fionnola O`Reilly from Co Tyrone in Ireland made such a discovery after an American relative hinted that there may be a family connection to the lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain.
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